Synthwave EDM and Electronic SPOTIFY Open Collaborative Playlist

Synthwave EDM and Electronic Spotify Open Collaborative Playlist?

I am an Electronic Musician and i create electronic music, soundtracks and EDM albums.
I’ve started, like many of you, to publish my music also on Spotify, that actually is one of the most used digital streaming platforms for music and podcasts.

Of course indie artists like me have some difficulties to gain visibility in the ocean made of millions of tracks available online.

Synthwave EDM and Electronic SPOTIFY Open Collaborative Playlist / Collaborative Playlists can help us to increase our visibility, to get more streamings, more followers and more visibility.

Call For Action! Let’s collaborate..

  1. Are you an electronic musician artist published on Spotify? Not only dance, also soundtracks, chillwave, ambient, vaporwave, synthwave, electronic soundscapes, etc..? Yes? OK!
  2. Open the playlist below, clicking on the SPOTIFY Green Icon to the right, and ADD one or two tracks of yours, but PLEASE, only electronic music!!!
  4. Then STREAM the PLAYLIST(s), more we stream more we get streamings and stats and potential new followers.
  5. SHARE the PLAYLIST(s) below in every way you can think (socials, blogs, newsletters, etc..). This is important for all of us. More playlist followers, more streamings, more stats, more attention by the public and curators.
  6. Create NEW similar COLLABORATIVE PLAYLISTS and send the link on my CONTACT PAGE. I will add in the list below so we can use the force of multiple collaborative playlist!

How To Create a Collaborative Playlist

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