Through the Silence of the Worlds © D.Olivieri, W.Collo

Through the Silence of the Worlds
testo di Wilma Collo
musica di Dino Olivieri
© Produzioni

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Through the Silence of the Worlds – Lyrics

Reaching for old memories
Of stars on a velvet sky,
Somewhere our hands will meet,
Someday outside of this time

Leaving the shore where we live
To sail in the sun on the sea,
Somewhere our glances will meet
Some time outside this night.

The sorrow that lingers in my remindful eyes
Will be changed into song,
For the souls that no hand can sunder will break
The fences of time.

The sadness of parting will vanish like the dew
Like the soft voice of sleep,
Exultation will cross the confines of things
That were never seen.

Through the silence of the worlds
You will remain in me
As if your dream and mine were one.

Oh, do not forget my face
When it seems vain to search
The darkness of deserted skies.

You can gaze, at eternity,
Your arms, can hold it all,
The skyline, of immensity,
For us

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